Class 2 : An application to the Tetractys, the Great Pyramid and Geometry in Nature.

Introduction of Sacred Geometry, an application to the Tetractys, the Great Pyramid, numbers and nature.

In this lesson, you will learn :

  • Learn to build Platonic Solids out of paper
  • Learn the meaning and the applications of the Tetractys
  • Learn to square the circle and the underlying construct of the Cosmos through the Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Learn to approach the language of Numbers in this construct
  • Learn to connect this construct with Nature (double rainbow)

We will be looking at the five famous Platonic Solids. As a piratical activity, this lesson takes us to experience them through Origami.

The Tetractys has several powerful meanings and was one of the most important cornerstone for the Pythagoreans in the understanding of the universe through number, geometry and letters. We will have a proper look at these different applications in music, arithmetic, ancient culture and how the letters are part of a great universal language strengthening the idea of a connected universe, especially Latin and Hebrew alphabet.

An important geometric construct which involves square and compass called " Squaring the circle" will also be part of the practical activity. This famous geometric problem well known by the geometers has a simple resolution by approximating the transcendental value of PI.

Finally we will see how this geometric construction relates to the dimensions of Earth and the Moon, and the perception of the double rainbow to the naked eye.

What is provided :

  1. The Lesson Papers.
  2. The Workbook.
  3. The Origami of the Platonic Solids Template in color.
  4. The Ebook The Etheric Particle 216.
  5. A video presenting shortly the class.

Level of difficulty : Intermediate

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